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Indexed pages

We have added a new feature to freesitemapgenerator.com. You can track howmany pages are indexed by Google™. We will send a query to google to check howmany pages are indexed for your URL.

Google™ provides an API for programmers to do this. We used to use the SOAP API, which has been deprecated now. We have modified the code use the (new) AJAX API.

When enough information is available, you will see this Show
indexed pages icon next to the URL. When you click on it you will see a graph like this.

Please note: The data that the Google API gives is not the same as when you do a site:www.domain.com query at www.google.com! For sites with more than 1000 pages the results from the API will be a lot lower. By getting fresh data every once in a while, any increase (or decrease) will be easy to monitor in the graph.

Please note: You must manually push the Check now!-button to activate the process. See the faq for more information.
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