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The more pages your site has, the longer it will take to generate a sitemap as all pages have to spidered by our servers. This can take a while. To speed things up and to get to know your site better so the generated <priority> tags will be more accurate we have create the Live Data package

Key benefits

  • Visitors of your site will let us know what pages are important,
  • We do not have to spider your (entire) site,
  • Sitemaps are generated much faster and more accurate,
  • Without spidering pages we already have through our Live Data package, we can spider even more pages from your site and create bigger sitemaps,
  • Your sitemap job will get a higher priority (i.e. will finish faster)
  • It is all free :-)

How it works

First you have to install the html/javascript code to your pages. Easiest way to do this is to add it to your footer.html or to your template.

Then, visit your own site, click around a bit and come back to our control panel. You will see that the icon is placed next to your url indicating your Live Data package is sending data to us.

Next time you generate a sitemap for this site, the Live Data will be used instead of spidering a certain page: all links on that page have already been sent to us by one of your visitors as they browse your site.

As this is a new service of free sitemap generator, let us know your problems/suggestions.

Current version: 0.96. If you are running a previous version, we will still accept your data but please upgrade as soon as possible.

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