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Once you have created a Google™ sitemap (sitemap.xml) with our tools, you also might want to show the end result to your users to help them navigate your site or let other search engines know about your most important pages.

We have created a smal PHP script that you can install on your site by simply including it on your "sitemap.html" page.


Follow the next 3 steps and you will have it running in just a few minutes

Step 1. Copy the script

Obviously, you must copy the script first. Just copy and paste the following to a file named sitemap.php and put it on your server.

Step 2. Create a cache file

By default, all <TITLE> are read from your webpages. To minimize traffic (and speed up things) we cache the results for 24 hours. You must create this cache file first. Create an empty file on your webserver (in the same directory that the sitemap.xml and sitemap.php files are in) and name it sitemap.cache. Set the permission so, that the webserver can write to it. chmod 666 sitemap.cache is the unix way to do it, if you use an FTP client you can probably do the same.

Step 3. Configure the script

Open the sitemap.php file in an editor and check the config lines. You can change a few things very easily. The defaults are probably fine for most sites, but just check them.

Finally, test it and make use of it

Now you have done all this, open the sitemap.php in your browser (http:// domain.com /sitemap.php). You will see that there is no layout in the script other than <h2>, <ul> and <li> tags. You now can include it in your actual sitemap.html file or any other page you want it on by doing:

Sitemap for freesitemapgenerator.com :<br>
<? include "sitemap.php"; ?>

Good luck.

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