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XML2HTML package - release 1.0.1

Posted at September 17th, 2009
Thanks to a bug report from Carl, we could solve an issue with the xml2html script.

If you used a sitemap (created by freesitemapgenerator.com or any other sitemap.xml) that has no <priority> tags, an empty sitemap would be displayed due to the $MINPRIORITY setting (0.5) at the top of the script.

We modified the script so that if no priority tags are used, all urls in the sitemap will be displayed on the sitemap.php page.

Should I upgrade to 1.0.1?
Only if you are using sitemaps without the priority tag. To upgrade, remove sitemap.php and sitemap.cache and follow the instructions on https://freesitemapgenerator.com/xml2html.html.

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